Yellow Fever – Uncovering the Navajo Uranium Legacy


Yellow Fever PosterYellow Fever is a documentary that examines the cost of America’s cheap energy and the important issues facing this multibillion dollar, over-polluting yet all important industry. The film follows young Navajo veteran, Tina Garnanez on her journey to investigate the history of the Navajo Uranium Boom, its lasting impacts in her area and the potential new mining in her region. She begins as a curious family member and becomes an advocate, lobbyist, activist and vocal proponent for transparency and environmental justice.



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“Engaging and pertinent, Yellow Fever is an important documentary that showcases the history of the Navajo Nation’s experiences with uranium mining in their sacred lands. The damage to their infrastructure, health, and quality of life is a sad legacy of unscrupulous corporate and governmental interests at the expense of a community already devastated by centuries of mistreatment through colonialism. The most powerful aspects of this documentary are shown in the resiliency of the Navajo people and their struggle to prevent any further contamination to their homeland.”
— Brady DeSanti, University of Nebraska-Omaha