Oilgarve – Fossil Fuel Controversy in Southern Portugal

Oil and gas companies are exploring the Algarve region of southern Portugal with permits in place to begin extraction. The local community is at odds with these plans. Fishermen, local mayors, home-owners, farmers, and the general tourism industry are vigorously lobbying against this proposed development. Fracking exploration is already creating a serious threat and can lead to an increase in earthquakes and water contamination.

The Algarve is a beautiful land, a “food forest” where oranges, figs, almonds, olives, and a bounty of nature’s wealth offers locals a connection with nature many do not enjoy. The light, the history, the surf, the progressive culture all lend itself to romance and an earthy connection with the land.

Local government, industry whistleblowers, renewable energy experts, politicians, artists, filmmakers, farmers and activists have teamed up to push out oil development before it starts.

The threat of environmental fall-out from fossil fuel development could badly hurt, and possibly destroy so much of the beauty that makes the Algarve great. In this film we will reveal the complexities of this issue directly though the voices of people at local rallies, public hearings and private interviews.