Eat Up Austin

Eat Up Austin – Sizzle Reel from Issue TV on Vimeo.

Connecting local food culture in Texas.

Eat Up Austin is a foodie’s delight. The show spends time in Austin’s eclectic and cutting edge food scene visiting chefs, restaurants, food startups, urban farms, food festivals, breweries, local vineyards, supper clubs, food trucks, nutritionists, creative culinary characters and the tenacious local farmers that bring it all together.  With all of these various influences, it’s no surprise over one hundred new restaurants opened in Austin in 2015.


Our host, Jane Ko is Austin’s top food blogger ( A nutritionist and high impact influencer, her creative food and travel photography has captured the hearts of almost 50,000 instagram fans. Jane takes us all over Austin and beyond, exploring the what, where, and how a culinary capital like Austin dines.

This series  follows ingredients back from Austin’s high class and homestyle restaurants to the local farms  in Central Texas that produced the ingredients that chefs prepare. Cutting edge culinary incubators discuss what it takes to create a new restaurant. As the American public becomes more and more detached from our nutritional roots, it is vital for this inspiring food movement to be given a platform.


By getting to know the players in the game of eats and exploring how awesome Austin’s food scene is, ‘Eat Up Austin’ will leave you salivating for more.


Potential episodes include visits to the following places and people:


Austin is a foodie town. Austin LOVES to eat. Well, perhaps the time has come to launch one. Issue Television is seeking support from the City of Austin to produce a short documentary film / Television Pilot that explores Austin’s burgeoning food scene. Funded by the city of Austin Cultural Department, we are working towards broadcasting this series in 2020.