Issue TV is a non-profit media company that creates educational programming and media development projects for social and environmental justice. In short, we give voice to causes that need attention.

  1. We create educational documentary films, videos and PSAs.
  2. We provide media support to grassroots and other non-profit groups. We make websites, print materials, and films to support causes for those that do not have access to the technology and knowledge to create promotional material for their causes.
  3. We work with international film makers and budding community media groups to bring voice to their issues and an audience to their films.
  4. We conduct workshops and internships in film making, and provide educational opportunities in media production and journalism.
  5. We work with on-the-ground grassroots organizations on media projects to help educate and enrich the lives of people in the developing world. Projects focus on women’s issues, environmental concerns, human rights and public health.

Media Education

Issue TV has been working with international media makers to help them hone their skills, and develop their craft. We teach workshops in digital media production and have internship opportunities at our office in Austin, Texas.

We also believe that by bringing media makers and activists together we can help get important stories told to a broader audience.